TP-10 Interoperable Radio Gateway

Allows radios, smartphones, and telephones communicate directly

Highly Compatible Interface

Toll Saving

Support multiple network modes

Recording of all calls

Simple maintenance design

Product Details
  • Interoperable Communication Platform
    • Radios, smartphones, and telephones can communicate with one another through Mobile App (KoKoRadio) and TP-10 Radio Gateway.
    • Eliminate toll charges from making local/international calls.
    • No restriction from time and space, immediate response to all situations.
  • ​Recording of the Calls
    • ​With Mobile App (KoKoRadio,) automatically the content of the communication will be recorded and saved as MP3 format.
    • Lower the risk of "He says, she says" situation.
    • Special discount is given for multiple App accounts plan
  • ​Highly Compatible Interface
    • ​Designed with Voice Activity Detection (VAD) mode, you can still use ADI Radio Gateway by using non-ADI radios!
    • You don't need extra expenses on new radios to work with ADI Radio Gateway.
  • ​Cost-saving Equipment Setup and Follow-up Service
    • ​Update your current communication platform with relative low cost but with excellent service.
    • Professional advice depends on applicated situations before purchasing
    • Periodic customer feedback gathering. We like to be kept posted about the latest ideas from the customers.
  • ​Support Multiple Connection Modes
    • ​You can choose the best networking methods for your radios!
    • 4G/LTE (with SIM card inserted) and WIFI function are optional for various applied environment!


TP-10 RoIP Gateway with Internet Server System Sturcture

Scenario: Diversified Communication Platform

Spec Sheet