Wireless Solar-Powered Callbox

  • Solar-Powered (with 12V DC Battery) or External Power (12V DC) Operation
  • Monthly operating toll is saved
  • Easy Maintenance, auto/manual Radio Check for malfunction
  • Push botton (PTT) operation with user-friendly operating instructions printed
  • Two-Way Radio Communication: CallBox to Console and Console to CallBox
  • Portable mobile can be set as monitoring station if the monitor needs to go patroling
  • NEMA 3R Weatherproof Rating (NEMA 3R)
  • Tone squelch settings
  • Vandal resistant Design
  • Flexibility of pole or wall mounting, depends on indoor/outdoor or installation possibility of electric wires
    • Style of poles can be customized

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Product Details

  • Physical Console (Monitoring Station)
    • Broadcast to all Callboxes
    • Individual 2 way communication to chosen Callbox
    • Suggested installation set with ADIC Mobile Radio AM-145 (V Band) or ADIC Mobile Radio AM-435 (U Band)
  • Software on PC Console (Monitoring Station) (NEW!!) Same with Physical Console, but with more applicability:
    • Incoming/Outgoing calls can be recorded and saved as MP3 format, avoid controversial situations
    • Time and place of incoming calls will be recorded as text record
    • Label name add/change available
    • TOT (Time-out Timer) function available
    • Can be synchronized with physical console
  • Application
    • College / School Campus / Hospital / Door Control
    • Amusement Park / Nature & National Park / Camping Site / Park
    • Golf Course / Construction Site / Parking Site
    • Airport / Highway Communication Systems / Tunnel System
  • Others
    • Physical and Software PC version of console can be ordered together or seperately

Mechanical Specification

Dimension  200mm(H) x 170mm(W) x 110mm(D)
Weight  2.80 Kg
Temparature Range  -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
Weatherproof Rating  NEMA 3R


Frequency Range  VHF & UHF
Operating  Voltage  12V DC


Sensitivity  ≧0.25 uv (@12 dB SINAD)
Selectivity  ≧60 dB
Intermodulation  ≧55dB
Audio output  1w
Audio output Distortion  <5%


Output Power  1 ~ 5Watts
Frequency Tolerance  ± 500 Hz
Modulation  FM (F3E)
FM Hum & Noise  ≧40 dB
Audio Distortion  <5%
Spec Sheet