A Trustworthy OEM Partner

We provide one-stop-shop electronic manufacturing service on various wireless devices. We accept not only full-assembly order, but also semi-finished product order. With ADI's experienced team, you will find a proper manufacture service package for your projects.

  • Mechanical Parts (Plastic & Metal, Waterproof & Flame-proof)

       We have cooperated with several plastic injection/aluminum extrusion molders to manufacture mechanical products ranging from economical choices to high-end waterproof and flame-proof design. Even tricky materials as soft PVC mattress for military application, the experienced technicians and engineers could sort out the best parameter combination and meet the project requirement.

  • Mechanical DFMA & Up-to-Date Report

       Our mechanical engineers are obligated to provide a thorough DFMA based on the drawings provided, by this way we can expedite the prototyping schedule and decrease the possibilities of endless revisions.

       The clients will also be provided a tooling schedule and bi-week reports to understand the current progress. Full-disclosure of the information is crucial to establish a trustworthy supply chain relationship.

  • BOM Review

       Upon receiving the BOM, our procurement team and engineers will review and provide an initial quotation for your reference. Suggestions on alternative components (based on consumer or industrial purpose) will also be provided.

       With 5 SMT production lines and production capacity up to 4730K CPH, available component size down to 01005, we're able to meet the requirement of IoT industry and medical application that requires devices as small as possible. Here you may find the note about our SMT lines:

       Gerber software: CAM350, CAD360, PROTEL

       5 production lines with capacity up to 4730K CPH

       Main model: JUKI (KE-2070, KE-2050, KE-3010AL, and etc.)

  • Assembly and Test

       We follow the regulations and SOP based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which are certified by TÜV Rheinland. Before the mass production begins, our engineers and technicians will design and make jigs to avoid possible errors and thus ensure the production schedule are met, even earlier. The whole facility starting from the entry to warehouse, are all designed to avoid the influence from static, humidity, heat, and dust. The operators are also required to wear antistatic bracelet and shoes during the assembly.

       In-house drop test, vibration test, IPX5/X7 waterproof test, and etc (based on client request) are also provided. The thorough in-house testing are meant to provide high quality products and services to the clients. The clients entrust us with product manufacture, so they can focus 100% on marketing and sales.

  • Production Scope

       We are able to provide OEM/ODM services on the following products, if your projects belong to other field, please do also feel free to discuss with us.

  • Handheld Microphone & Control Head
  • IP 67 Waterproof Device
  • SIM Card Reader, Charging Station (Car Kit)
  • Base Station, Repeater, Radio Modem, Portable Communication Suitcase
  • 4G/LTE Repeater
  • Electronic Lock, RFID/Access Control
  • Wireless Communication Application (HF/VHF/UHF/LoRa)
  • Start-up Hardware Projects
  • Plastic Injection Mold

  • Our Project Clients

       We are the backbone of various brands in different industries. Here you may find some of our Clients' names.

  • Project Inquiry

       If you're looking for a potential OEM/ODM partner, please contact project leader, Mr. Clyde Huang, thank you.

       For more company background information, please download our brochure to know us better.